Meal Planning: Week of April 28th

Good Sunday Morning!

On my twitter feed I have been getting a lot of questions about meal planning, where to start, how do you do did, etc. I started meal planning about 4 months ago, it’s been off & on due to the move, but now that we are settled into our house it’s been GREAT!

What meal planning means to me is that I sit down through out the week and take a couple of minutes here & there to get some ideas of what I would want to eat in the coming weeks. I mainly get all my ideas from either Pinterest or Practical Paleo over these past months of eating a more Paleo lifestyle. Meal planning has cut down on my grocery bills & taken away TONS of stress since you already know what you are doing to eat. I have also found that if I meal plan and prep accordingly we eat so much healthier! Which is always a great bonus.

My current job I get home really late, so I have been leaning more towards slow cooker meals so it’s ready as soon as I walk in the door.

Here is what I am planning for this week.

1. Slow Cooked Cinnamon Pork loin with Parsnips *2 dinners

2. Whole30 Thai Curry *1 dinner, 1 lunch

3. Turkey Burgers w/ Sweet Potatoes Fries *1 dinner, 2 lunches **I will prep the potatoes & have them frozen into servings for quick cooking.

4. Slow Cooked Chicken Curry with Greens *2 dinners

5. Slow Cooked Pineapple Chicken *1 dinner, 1 lunch

6. Sausage & Sweet Potatoes Casserole *1 dinner, 1 lunch

**Treat for the week: Freedom Brownies which are gluten-free, dairy-free, & grain-free!

This meal plan is good for 8 dinners & 5 lunches! Sometimes we have extra so that will count for more lunches!

Breakfast prep was all done last night: Apple Cider Pancakes and  Apple Egg Muffins (recipe will be posted this week!)

Hope this helped you with your meal planning! Remember to join my #30Day Health Meal Photo Challenge starting May 1st!

Here is a GREAT series of post from Lindsay at LeanGreenBean about meal prepping for the week!

Here are so fun FREE printable worksheets to help you with your meal planning! 1, 2, 3* this one’s not free but it’s too cute to pass up!


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