Friday Fives: Adventure Time!

I am excited to say that this week will has been one of my busiest weeks in a very long time! I know it seems like I am out and about a lot, but really I get a 2-4 hour-long nap in a day, yes, a day. Not this week! I am been out exploring what Virginia Beach and Norfolk has to offer, along with more plans for this weekend!

1. I learned how to sew this week! It was a very fun class given by Tracy over at Virginia Beach Sewing Solutions. I took the Intro/beginning to Sew class, where we learned about the basics of sewing, and how to make a pillow case! The classes are kept to a great size of 6 max, and my class was 2 1/2 hours long. It was a BLAST! I want to go back and take more classes later this month. Why did I need to learn how to sew, I have been wanting to take a class for a while now and Jrod & I have some projects in the works, which I will post about later.

2. Eating healthy can sometimes be costly if you are still learning the ins and outs. The last time I was in my local Whole Foods, I grabbed a calendar of events and saw that they have a Value Tour! It was a BLAST! The fastest hour I have ever spent in a grocery store and the most fun. You need to sign up a head of time, and then just show up! It was worth ever moment, I learned so much! This is going to get a whole post of itself, that is how awesome it was. Thank you Whole Foods!

3. Starting today is the Mid Atlantic Home & Garden show! I loved the one we went to last month in Hampton so I am really looking forward to going to this one. We should be closing on our new house next week, so this is perfect timing!

4. It’s the first Saturday of the month so you know what that means… T.A.G.S!! Tidewater Area Gaming Society at Atlantis Games & Comics, Norfolk! Last month was our first time and we got there a little late but we are ready for tomorrow. They game from Noon- Midnight! Jrod is hoping to find a couple of people to play Star Wars X-Wing with him, we will see. I have been looking forward to this so much!

5. Sunday afternoon we will be heading back over to Atlantis Games & Comics for their Star Wars X-Wing Game League. We have found a game that Jrod is HOOKED to and I want him to fully enjoy the game by not just playing it with me.

Top 5 Blog Post of the week:

1: Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean wrote a great post about National Eating Disorder Awareness Week. I feel that lately we have been focusing so much on obesity that the other side of the scale has been over looked a little. Both are just as bad for your health and can be deadly.

2. Thanks to Diana at The Chic Life I now must find a way to get some Pots of Peachtree and a Lavender Cookie! I want this pottery so much, its beautiful.

3. It’s the end of the month which means Jessica at How Sweet It Is does her monthly Beauty and Food + Fun post! I want everything off these two post, EVERYTHING I tell you! Oh money, why can’t you grow on trees. For fun check out her awesome Tuesday post about Jennifer Lawrence.

4. This past weekend was Disney’s Princess Half Marathon! I LOVE Disney runs! A couple of my Florida friends got to run in it, and two even made the Run Disney Facebook page! I am really looking forward to doing this half next year as part of my Coast to Coast medal adventure! Really I can’t decide which Disney World run I want to do, maybe if I am lucky I will be able to do both! Heather at Running with Sass did a great series of post about the race, but my favorite was the runDisney Princess Half Meet Up! I want to go to this next year, how fun does it look!

5. Heather, oh Heather you are KILLING ME! Heather at Then Heather Said did this CRAZY post about sandwich combinations! I finally broke down and got Cookie Butter this week, and you had to make number 3 didn’t you 🙂 Why oh Why! I need to get some Paleo bread in my life, for I need to try all these combinations!

What is on your plate this weekend?

One thought on “Friday Fives: Adventure Time!

  1. glad you liked the sandwich combo post!! Sandwiches are my favorite food EVER and I am now devoted to topping each and every sandwich on that list with a BETTER one. Can it be done before I turn 30? PERHAPS!!

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