Five Friday Funs!

Good Friday to everyone! Hope you are all looking forward to the long weekend! Today is going to be the warmest day for the weekend we have, so I am feeling an afternoon walk on the beach will be happening. What are your plans for today?

Here are my top 5 reads, blogs, and videos for the week! Hope you enjoy!


Jessica at How Sweet It Is does a great Tuesday Things. I look forward to her post weekly, and this week I am 100% with her about the new Starbucks flavors.

Gina at The Fitnessista has a great review of Zuzana’s ZCUT Power Cardio DVDs. I LOVE the scarf she is wearing at the bottom of the post too!

Heather at Then Heather Said has a GREAT post about year round Giving. Go. Read it. NOW.

Carlyn over at Just Keep Sweating did a GREAT Friday post today and I now MUST have this nail polish by Lynnderella Sweets to my Sweet! Oh why oh why do you have to be $23!!!!!!

Picture from Ali’s Nail News

Lindsay from Lindsay’s List has a great running post. I am with her, and am just getting back into running. At the moment I suck, but two days this week I had 3 miles done before 8am. I will take it 🙂

Now on to the Videos!

This is a CRAZY video about how many calorie the stores say they have and how much is really in them. WATCH IT!! NOW!!!

If you enjoy Tony Horton this is a very good laugh!

Hair curling how to with Run, Eat, Repeat. I can’t wait to get my curlers back now!

Here is a video from Russia where you can HEAR the sonic boom. I have heard them many a times from when I lived in Florida and the shuttles would land. This video is amazing and looks right out of a movie. Thoughts are with the people in Russia.

How to be a Nerdfighter! Been watching these two amazing brothers for YEARS! The Green brothers! Watch all there videos, could take about a month or more but worth it.

Books that I have read this week:

Haunted on Bourbon Street by Deanna Chase, was looking for a fun murder mystery and got TONS of crazy sex. Still it’s a fun paranormal book.

Lasso the Moon by Beth Ciotta, I love Beth’s Evie series and this was a fun, fast, cute read. Just got the first in the Cupcake series in the mail yesterday so that will be reading for this weekend!

Pick your Poison: A Yellow Rose Mystery by Leann Sweeny. First in a fun series, I love finding good series books that already have a good amount of books to them!

Armed & Fabulous by Camilla Chafer. This was my kind of book, fast, fun, good mystery with twist and turns. I am excited to read the whole Lexi Graves series.

Okay so I only got to four books this week, Jrod’s been home all week so I don’t get that much reading time. Here is a great quote though from Jillian Michael’s to get you started for the weekend.

What are you reading these days? Blogs, Books, etc? Any that are a MUST share?


One thought on “Five Friday Funs!

  1. you are so sweet!! thanks for featuring that post, my dear 🙂 Hope you have a FANTABULOUS weekend 🙂 I can’t wait to check out all your links in this post.

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